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Lazy Lovers: How to give your partner a massage when you're tired. Improve your Relationship, Spice up your Love Life / Marriage with this Quickie In-Bed Spooning Massage!

Sometimes hands can say what words can't say and in a few minutes you can make their day. Help your Partner De-Stress, calm them and thrill them with Loving Touch massage. 

Optimize your love life ! Learn how to pamper your partner, connect deeper with healing massage and erotic.

Enjoy this course by Simple step by step instructions in delicious bite size pieces -

  • This course is for beginners and people with previous massage experience.
  • You will only need someone to practice on, and a bed.

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Jazmin Light

Massage & Sensual Bodywork Therapist
Pianist, Composer, Music Producer

Jazmin Light 

My personal story:

Ever since I was young, alongside my love for music, I've been fascinated by healing and sensual massage arts. Both music and massage's potential for transforming stress into joy is amazing.

I began playing piano at age five and started to massage when I was twelve. An inborn spinal deformity plus two childhood accidents caused severe back and neck pain from my teenage years onward. And so began my ongoing quest for effective and pleasurable pain management.

For 25 years, parallel to my  career as pianist, singer, composer, performer and producer, I honed my skills with massage and sensuality to create healing,  transformational experiences. 

Alongside music, dance and yoga, I studied Classical massage, Reflexology, QiGong, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Energizing Rocking Techniques. I had the great fortune of learning from top practitioners in their field.

Later, I learned Sensual Bodywork, including Tantra Touch Massage, Sensory Awareness, Erotic Massage, Fetish, Fantasy Fulfillment, Bondage, and Role Play.

 I had countless clients over the years, which enabled me to build my own music studio. Some of the music you hear on the video courses were made there. 

And now, it's my great pleasure to teach you the "best of the best" techniques that kept clients coming back  to me for all those years.

I hope to see you inside!

Warm wishes,


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